Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Next Playtest

Okay, first my nerdrage gripes:
  • Magic Missile doesn't scale!
  • Racial weapon damage increases
  • Fighter style specialization
  • Some specialties are sad

Basically I just don't understand the non-scaleability of magic missile. It tosses the wizard class back into the realm of being higher level and dependent on scrolls, wands, and other weapons to have an at-will attack that is on par with other classes. Now this is fine in the long run because I could use the same arguments I defended the D&D Next fighter class from the last playtest document. Maybe since the wizard can do lots of other things he should not be effective every round. His low hit points and AC aside, I know in my games my DM is not going to let him last long with just a 1d4+1 dmg attack, so life can go on.

The racial damage increases and fighter style specializations are one of those things that just inherently bothers me. Now I can't play an elf with a spear, or at least an elf with a spear won't be as effective as an elf with a long sword. I got it though, I really do. I like that the fighter now has lots of options, but the people who were upset about the last build still probably are happy.

The thing about specialities is always going to be a problem. It is hard to balance all things. Just like feats in every edition since they have been released there are going to be some which are favored above all others while certain ideas are going to be place holders which allow you to do something cool- but end up being very rare in actual play. In my opinion though- they will work fine. We normal have 3-5 players and a DM, our campaigns last 6-18 months before swapping games, so I am definitely not too concerned about having some of the specialities which are subpar.

In general things look really good. Need to go back into the documents and read up on healing, combat, and casting spells. If I have any other ideas I will let you know.

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