Saturday, May 26, 2018

Malign Sorcery

When I first heard Malign Sorcery was coming to Warhammer Age of Sigmar 2.0, I thought we were getting a few new spells. The image from the Warhammer Fest Live Blog looked pretty cool. I may be right assuming it was something you paid points like scenery, but at first I thought they were boxed up with a wizard and a 'thing'.

When the Disciples of Tzeentch Faction Focus dropped we got this additional bit of information. Mechanisms of Time seems to outline how the Chromatic Cogs actually work.

A couple of things of note though.. the Endless Spell system seems to harken back to the Storm of Magic days (d4 Chan). The wizards control the new spells, but aren't in control of them. From the description you just need to be within 9" and it requires no roll of any kind to affect the spell. It will be very interesting if my Arcanite wizard can wrest control of the Purple Sun away from the Deathrattle wizard who plopped it on the board long enough to push it through that unit of Grave Guard holding the center of the board. Or grab that 'Pac-man'-looking thing away from the Greenskins and send in gobbling up Moonclan Grots like pellets.

But will wizards may be mandatory in the new edition of Age of Sigmar? Not having summoning to replenish your forces or a counter for Endless Spells seems like it will be a heavy burden to overcome. Back when summoning required points instead of in-game mechanics you could probably just start with all your troops on the board and fight your way through things. But just the name Endless seems to suggest these aren't things you can dispel. Flesh Hounds can unbind spells with their Collars of Khorne, but they are clearly not Wizards. How will armies without many arcane casters survive these new rules?

One thing I am not sure about is how this new magic system will be released. The painted models from Warhammer Fest seemed to suggest you get one caster and a spell sold together in a box. But there is a huge difference between Morathi and a Weirdnob Shaman. I didn't realize that at first, so now I am not so sure. We know there are more than five as well. The one outlined in the Tzeentch faction focus is simply represented by a picture.

That is what sent me down this rabbit hole to begin with. What army is that anyway?

At first glance I thought it was Skaven because of the halberds. But the caster looks like a Ironjaw and there are other rather human looking figures piled around in the image. Barbarians? Cultists? Why is the a Destruction model in the center of that knot? Is it a new Ogrid character that is skinny.. it definitely looks like an Orc with a mohawk.

The Malign Sorcery image shared at Warhammer Fest could easily be the cover to a boxed set. And prominently features a Tzaangor Shaman.

Maybe the Chromatic Cogs and a yet unnamed spell will be packaged and sold along with two factions in a boxed set. These types of things are selling very well through Games Workshop and seem like the best way to get new players collecting. I had batted around the idea of starting Skitarri for a long time. When Forgebane included the models it did I decided it was worth splitting a box with someone. Will we see a tie-in between Clan Skyre and Tzeentch the way Clan Pestilence joined the Maggotkin of Nurgle? Maybe I am just wish-listing there.

I guess at this point I have more questions than answers. We don't have a model for the Chromatic Cogs they mentioned in the Tzeentch faction focus. I am pretty sure the five individual spells they showcased will not contain the models they shown with. There is nothing eluding that Malign Sorcery will be a setting or optional rule like the classic Storm of Magic with four magical fulcrums in every match. Like scenery maybe they are things you can bring to a battle which you need to protect in order to benefit from.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Strom Coldsteel Armor

Really starting to get back to work on my armor set. So far I decided to start with the layers underneath.

Doing a brown skirt under a black robe will give me some interesting contrast and I can adjust the length. Since the goal is basically warrior mage - Mister Strom Coldsteel, we definitely need a red cape.

The original and oldest artwork simply had a few armor elements added.

Which I should be able to do with the shoulder armor and harness I have now. Although, I would need to do robe to fit over the top. Maybe something like a tabard.

But the new miniature - converted from a Reaper Alchemist model, has a couple of different elements.

I found this really cool gorget online - which I would prefer to make. I have a friend doing some amazing work with leather. So getting Jameson to help me would let me capture that style of armor. I really like offsetting the black robe with this brown leather in this gorget.

This witchhunter costume looks just about perfect.

I could add in a banded chest piece or since I am making it, just continue my layers down in the front. So it is all rivetted together. Making a belt like this and lots of pouches and accessories should go pretty quick.

Since I decided to go with the wide sleeves on the robe, I definitely want to make some gauntlets. I can bunch up my sleeves so they are tight and tuck them under a two part system of bracers and gauntlets like these.

The main idea with the top layer of armor is to cover the harness that holds my shoulder armor, but also looks cool. I suppose if I am really going to build my own gorget I should probably add some some straps on top. I can relegate the armor I have already built into a cyberpunk costume - I have an awesome sleeveless trenchcoat already to do a more futuristic version. And I could go full on metal armor with -

I am not really sure. I am definitely having fun thinking of ways to put this stuff together.

Most of my shopping and exploring around so far has been on - Link

and this other site Link

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Tzeentch Vanguard

Just brainstorming..

Five Exalted Flamers plus Fluxmaster.. 549pts

Let's see 10" move, 18" Heavy 3 shooting at S10/D3 dmg. Yes, it is minus one to hit on the move.. main army either TS or Daemons can have a daemon prince for RR 1's.

The could also unleash 5D6 @ S6 AP -2 autohits within 12". That isn't shabby.

Big thing - they are individual units. So can't target them easily as a single group. Still have 4++ so half of the wounds that hit them will fail. Can screen them with cheap Blue Horrors.

Set-up place them a few inches apart, to protect them from the psychic powers that hits clusters of units. Add 50pts of Blue Horrors to screen them. If you get rushed you need this - but they'll also be a rear guard, blocker.

Move up 10", shoot gives a 28" threat range. Can burn their one CP on the first movement phase to deep strike a second unit of Horrors ahead of them - ie, new screen.

So two Blue Horrors makes it 649pts. That still leaves me 1200pts of Thousand Sons or a good sized Daemon army.

Monday, October 24, 2016

Coldsteel Armor

So I am pretty excited my parts have started coming in for the ZNA Productions armor build (spaulders). Here are what the shoulders look like that we are starting with.

I am not sure whether I should push them up high. To cover my biceps:

Or down low to cover the backs of my elbows:

Either way they make me feel like a complete and total superhero when I am wearing them.

My original concept for the build was just use plates to connect the straps from the suspenders I am planning on using. But what I realized after putting it on and taking it off a hundred times if I use an hard material to connect the front straps it may me harder to get in and out of if I want it to taper. I am thinking now of just designing a tabard for a chest piece. I can still use rigid banded leather strips over a cloth tabard, but it would be a lot easier to slip on over the shoulder harness. Since the original art doesn't even use an armored chest it isn't even necessary.

I still think it is an interesting costume.

But I really do want to see how I can fashion this armor design.

Because I am not that far off after I build the shoulders. In my build it probably won't wrap around the entire torso, but be curved/form fitted attached to a cloth form to hold everything together.

Monday, October 17, 2016

All Apologies

Sorry I haven't been as active on here recently. I haven't been doing a ton of gaming or miniature stuff.

I know I don't have a huge following to my blog, but people stumble across some stuff like this, so I decided to do a little writing. My life has been improving in a lot of different ways. So where should I start. Let's see. We'll do daemons and Thousand Sons really quick.

My horror models are still on 25mm squares, so that project is waiting on some kind of new release to make sure I should base them on 1" fender washers or bump up to 1.25". The newest Khorne Bloodletters are on 32mm rounds, so I am curious to see if the horrors go up in base size to match the marines. Apparently Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons are going to eventually have a release this year. When that happens, then yeah my Tzeentch daemons will all move to round. I have been working to repaint my Thousand Sons. I bought a few units on eBay.



More or less the ones I purchased on eBay were just dirty and didn't match my base style or color correctly. So I am slowly going through the process of repainting everything. Just mainly sticking with a pretty straight forward color scheme and trying to be very neat. Once again when they get a new 40k release I will base them on the current base size. I love using the washers and you know I have this cool joint compound, wispy daemon world basing thing I have been using. Guess I should follow in the footsteps of big brother and make some terrain boards for my table that uses the same material, so I can have this entirely crazy looking game board that actually matches by models instead of just always using grass mats.

A lot of my recent painting has been going on at 757 Makerspace. I have moved up to a full membership there to use the laser cutter/etcher. I am loving being part of such a neat, progressive community workspace. I am literally surrounded at all all times by the brightest and most talented people. It is rock and roll. And I am finally to the point where I am producing enough products to pay for my membership.

I am doing some work for my brother and Barry at Beneath the Lily Banners. Here are some pictures of the counters and tokens I am making.

To be honest it is pretty rock and roll.

My next big project is going to be a set of armor. I haven't done a lot of costuming. But I ran across this guy who does amazing 'How To' videos on the internet. ZNA Productions is just awesome. He is smart and funny. He is entertaining in all of his videos. I actually have access to a lot of the tools he is using. There are two specific videos I am focused on right now. I think using techniques from the videos he did on spaulders and the gauntlets are going to be perfect. I ordered some parts today used in making the shoulder pieces and Beau Turner at Makerspace hooked me up with some sacks this week for forming the gauntlets.

I am not following his designs exactly. For one thing I don't actually have a chest piece made. My plan is to use the laser cutter to cut and etch leather bands after I get the spaulders designed. The actual suit I am working on is the alchemist model from the Reaper Pathfinder line.

This was a model my brother painted up for our games (yeah and converted as well) for my main warrior/bard Strom Coldsteel. So more or less this design is going to be close to my heart. Way back when we first rolled these guys up in AD&D, before the Quest for the Three Keys, before the other adventures that spanned years of my life with Ghul D'Kat and Carmon Diablo (my real life friends Jim and Tom), my character was actually an armorer. So going full circle to actually design my own armor in true Strom Coldsteel fashion is pretty amazing and cool. I will definitely post pics and design notes as I move along. I really think attaching the armor plates directly to the suspenders will be cool.

My suit will probably wind up being cloth, sack cloth, leather forms layered with the fiberglass resin for plates to connect the suspenders. One of my friends at Makerspace has found a resin product that flexes relatively well without breaking when working with bamboo for bikes. So I need to see if I can make plates and gauntlets out of that instead of the typical fiberglass resin sold at your standard hardware chain stores. I need to catch up with Wes and figure out exactly what this product is. I think it is something used in the marine industry. Which once again makes sense for me since I grew up at a marina on the Intracoastal Waterway in Coinjock. Always been around boats, water, etc.

I have so many more projects in store. Gaming stuff, roleplaying, and now making my own stuff. Pretty awesome boys and girls. Stay tuned.

Monday, June 27, 2016

New Sylvaneth

All I am saying is Games Workshop makes better models than anyone else.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

By Tooth and Claw

Starting off with a couple of in the works posts. I rarely post painting tutorials and the like. That is more the realm of my older brother. I can't say I haven't picked up a host of tips, techniques, or more importantly inspiration from my brother. But more or less I am a gamer and collector probably more than I am a painter/hobbyist. No kidding though, I have amassed some skill in the field though.

First up here are the Highborn as they currently stand.

So I thought it was time to work on some special kits to add a little beat stick to my infantry.I built two separate characters to ride my dragon. In the Aelf list, there are two casters or a noble on a dragon to field. I will swap bodies to represent which one I am rolling with.

I wasn't sure what to do in terms of a color. So I am just slowly building up layers until I get where I want to be.

I did have to fill a few gaps on him as well, but that was my fault for using super glue - not the kit. Ever grateful my brother had some green stuff. Mine is completely dried out.

Last pics of the dragon where I decided to lighten up the wings with another coat. Same stage just different lighting.

Finally I'll add the current state of my Tree Lord. He got a little bit of a base coat this week. And I am really looking forward to assembling and painting my dryads and branchwraith from Christmas. This is going to be a fast, nice looking army to paint up.

I will try to make some more posts as this group develops. Just been enjoying working on some models again.