Saturday, July 6, 2013

A Special Rant

Okay, I don’t do an awful lot of table-top gaming these days. I truly don’t. I have massive well painted armies, a pile of terrain, and honestly enjoy the hobby. But it just seems like whenever I want to head down to the game store, I just don’t take the time to do it. I could make the argument that most of the stores are very hard from my house. I could complain about packing everything up and driving out to get ass-raped by someone who built a really cheesy list is slightly annoying. But then again maybe I am just lazy.

One of the weirdest things I have noticed however is all of the little conventions people do at the stores around me. First and foremost I hate small point value games. To play 500pts is the equivalent of taking a very serious chance that your opponent is not a total jerk. When I competed in the Kill Teams at the GW store we were split down the middle with people fielding cheese and not fielding cheese. In a 200pt game you brought a terminator squad? Really, what was the idea of that? Bah, I will keep my opinions to myself.

The craziest one yet is 1999+1 40k matches they were doing at another store. The whole idea there is at 2000pts you had the ability to field second primary detachment. That meant lots of characters and double the number of heavy, elite, fast attack, etc. But what I failed to realize is anyone who chose to field allies was still pulling an extra slot. The force that it truly hurt would be the only army that can’t field allies. My god man- tyranids must be limited in a 1999+1 match against someone with three HQ choices. It is the same thing when you look at old army lists versus new army lists. That is the way the game is.

The one be all, end all rule for me that makes me want to punch people who design tournaments is the no special character thing. Why can’t we field special characters? I went out and bought a model, I have legal rules for him, he is painted, and he is on the correct base size and everything. But you are telling me I can’t use him in a battle at the store. I can only play with them in little one off matches like the ones we play at home. What is the point in that? At home I can just as easily say my snipers are all carrying missile launchers and have forcefields too. I just want the ability to field all my legal models exactly as they are represented in the army books or codex.

Fuck it, suppose I will just stay home today- /rant

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