Monday, January 6, 2014


“Allow me to pose a riddle to you my friend,” the elf took a long draw from his pipe and gazed intently at his human guide, “what matters more to a man, wine or bread?”

Bregan smiled back. He knew Oroderu would not be satisfied with a quick answer. Many of their conversations were just like this. The elf always tested his reasoning ability as much as his cleverness. He knew the minstrel was making a study out of this as much as anything else.

“Well my friend, that depends on what matters most to the man,” Bregan’s response was welcomed by a warm smile. “You see many men would prefer to eat, but only if they are hungry. If one was in the company of several beautiful women, then that would be another story.”

“So you are sure that your environment determines your response?”

“Indeed,” Bregan took a bite out of the fresh pastry he had picked up before they set out from Lendos Berkshire earlier in the day. The bakery there was lovely and while this trip was a fairly short one the cake would not be as good the following day. The elf simply nodded and took another draw on his pipe. The aromatic pipeweed smelled piney with hints of citrus. The glow from it lit his dark green eyes with a sparkle. Their sparse camp was just off a well worn path to the estate of minor landholder. This gentleman had been gracious in the past and Oroderu was hoping for a little more than lodging this trip. Bregan on the other hand was hoping for another chance at a little time alone with the daughter. She had been off pursuing her studies in Ansallen during their last trip.

“Can I ask you a question then O?” Bregan often shorten his friend’s name to a single letter.

“Why of course.”

“Why the question about the wine?”

“It is simple,” the melodic voice of the elf raised in elation, “I was just curious whether to uncork this bottle of Elverquist tonight or save it until we arrived tomorrow.”

"Uncork it now my friend," Bregan's response was instantaneous, "No need to waste it on an unappreciative girl, or her overprotective father!"

His love for the elven spirit was well known. Where Oroderu found such a bottle was a mystery, but Bregan always appreciated traveling with his friend because of moments like this.

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