Friday, July 17, 2015

Grumlock & Gazbag

Move 5” Wounds 8 Save 4+ Bravery 7

Grumlok & Gazbag are a single model. Grumlok is armed with a Slaughter-choppa and carries the night goblin shaman a top his shoulders. Gazbag is armed with a Moon staff and carries a stash of Madcap Mushrooms.

Slaughter-choppa range 1”, attack 1, hit 3+, wound 3+, rend -2, dmg d3
Moon Staff range 2”, attack 1, hit 4+, wound 4+, rend -1, dmg d3

I’m Da Best You can add 1 to all the hit rolls for a Black Orc Big Boss if it is within 10" of any other Orruk Hero from your army in the combat phase.
Madcap Mushrooms When a Night Goblin Shaman attempts to cast a spell he can eat a Madcap Mushroom. If he does so roll a dice; on a 2 or more add 2 to the casting roll. On a 1 the mushroom was bad and he can do nothing else until your next hero phase as he starts hallucinating.
Magic A Night Goblin Shaman is a wizard. He can attempt to cast one spell in each of your own hero phases, and attempt to unbind one spell in each enemy hero phase. A Goblin Shaman knows the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield, and Curse of da Bad Moon.
Curse of da Bad Moon With a chilling howl the Shaman summons a great pale moon with a leering goblinoid face and tusk-like fangs to attack the enemy. Curse of da Bad Moon has a casting value of 8. If successfully cast, select a visible model within 18". That model’s unit suffers D3 mortal wounds. Then roll a dice for each other unit within 6" of the target model (roll before removing any slain models); on a 4 or more that unit will also suffer D3 mortal wounds.

Destruction, Grot, Moonclan, Orruk, Ironjaw, Hero, Wizard, Grumlock & Gazbag

Model painted by Yaroslav Bozhdynsky at

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