Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Business At Hand

Kevvry Diablo contacted us rather frantically. He has been down in Enmilis slumming in the Thieves City. No problem with that in my opinion. The lad can definately take care of himself. But he encountered something down there which seems beyond his capabilities. So Ghul and I are tagging along with his father.

All I am certian of at this point is there is a flock of undead ravens which is capable of stripping the flesh from bystanders. Personally it sounds like some sort of curse or spell cast by a powerful wizard, but Kevvry seems convinced it is actually a creature or swarm.

Either way we will see soon enough. The Begger's Guild is in a war with the Thieves' Guild, so we will probably wind up ruffling more feathers than the undead birds.

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