Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Streek Hollis

You know the motto, "Some doors are better left closed." Before arriving in Enmilis this time I heard some rather disturbing news. I had ventured into the grand dungeon of Streek Hollis a while back. It is a sprawling labyrinth. The inhabitants change frequently, different groups migrating in and out, bold adventurers slaying the monsters, humanoids and denziens from below, a constant flux of peril really.

At one time part of the world's largest dungeon was the lair of a powerful wizard who had a vast library devoted to ringlore. This fiend had gathered artifacts from the Plain of Towers including a stone tablet written in a magical tounge. For nearly a century the library was thought lost until I heard tales about a group who stood before a door they could not open. It was definately worth investigating.

While in the dungeon I made some maps, but after arriving at the door was able to break the magics barring the portal. Inside most of the library was missing, but I did find the tablet. The language is based in the tounge of dragons, but it isn't completely decipherable yet. Parts of it are missing, whole sections of the text actually. But I digress from my original premise.

Now there are tales about new powerful creatures origin pushing their way through the ancient underground complex. If my friend Lakkus Marr is correct, the door I opened led deeper into an unexplored section which connected with something vile. Perhaps when we should investigate this business after we finish up in Enmilis. Ghul and Carmon could assist me in resealing the door to this area. Would be a dreadful mess if some young adventurers entered the caves expecting to find treasure only to find something beyond thier capabilities.

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  1. Your last trip to Enmilis was probably six months earlier... your newest jaunt is via a portal and made in haste at the urging of your comrade, Carmon Diablo, babbling something about Chaos rituals and his son being in over his head...