Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's pretty weird, that I woke up today thinking about all kinds of stuff. I just haven't been happy at all recently. Kinda shying away from gaming in this post I wanted to take a few minutes to jot down some stuff about heroes. Growing up sure I had my comic books and rock stars, but as I've wandered my path I have always known what was cool.

Like I said I was feeling pretty down this morning. I was scrolling through my Netflix selections and found a video on Christian Hosoi. Now I wasn't a huge skateboarder. But so much in the video goes into memories of my youth. Guys like Chris Ogles and Tommy Sherer were fucking superstars to me. One spot in the Hosoi video talked about how he ripped his shirts up all the time. Do you remember the sleeves tees from the 80's. Kids wearing the sleeves ripped off the t-shirts like a headband. I don't know it was just so weird to see that and remember the guys I used to hang around.

It is like my friendship with Randy Hunt. He carried himself like a rockstar. We were never going to make a ton of money and tour like a big band, but it never really mattered. It was charisma and swagger whether we were at the house or a local club. It was because of him I stood on the stage at the Norva. I've only seen a few bands there, but that day I knew I was on the same stage as Ace Frehley, Dave Mustain, and Rob Zombie. I often forget just how fortunate I am.

One thing Christian Hosoi did well was market himself. He turned something he was passionate about into something he could make money at. I keep telling myself that I need to figure it all out. I need to find something to do to make a living. I want to be more than what I am. Maybe the clearest truth is I don't. I am already as successful as Randy, Chris, and Tommy. I think I have already made it. Now back to SWTOR, think I am gonna get my jedi off Coruscant today- tomorrow I need to bury my uncle.

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