Friday, June 1, 2012

Pawn's Folly

Dungeonbowl has been great. First team I decided to roll was a Rainbow Wizards team. Most of the perpetual league systems in Bloodbowl favor bashing teams, it is just that way. Finesse teams discover that after a while the stronger, in-your-face style teams can almost always win a 2-1 game (especially in a matchmaking situation where TV is equal). What happens then is instead of replacing half your team from injuries after each match, the finesse teams just re-roll bash.

That being said, I am addicted to 4 AG. After becoming somewhat successful with skaven, I figured I'd start Dungeonbowl with some elf players. After the first day, I've played nine matches. I am 4-5 currently, but two games were actually disconnects where I lost connection with the server so I am really looking at four wins, three losses. Here's the thing though, it is not even about winning and losing. One of the most annoying things for me in Bloodbowl has been the stalling tactics. We know there are 8 turns in a half, 16 in the game, and there is only so much you can do. Against a careful, slow and purposeful opponent the game can become a drag at times.

In Dungeonbowl, it is first score wins the game. Stack'em up however you want. Be careful and prepared, guard the ball carrier, avoid making risks, all the normal stuff you would do in Bloodbowl. But the increased randomness with the teleporters, exploding chests, awkward maps, slipping and falling into pits, reserve players showing up- it just leads to a much more chaotic environment. The games are almost always faster. And there isn't that time when you are sitting there wondering how many turns your opponent is going to drag the game out.

I just rolled a Bright Wizards team like the one I posted on the Dungeonbowl forums. But my elf team is really fun. I started with:
  • 2 Wardancers
  • 2 Catchers
  • 6 Halflings
  • Human Blitzer
  • Ogre
  • 3 Re-rolls

    Right now I've replaced one of the Halflings with an Elf Lineman, but still sticking with just 12 players.
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