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Quadratic Fighter

The Quadratic Fighter

Str 17     Dex 13     Con 14     Int 8     Wis 12     Cha 10

Hit Points 16       AC 11
Speed 30ft     Hit Dice 1d4     Initiative +1


1st level- Whirling Blades, Speak with Swords, Shielding Might, and Stunning Greatness

You know the tricks Something’s Funny, Bright Fury, Hurl My Weapon, Use the Force, Pinning Glare, and Awesome Blow. You have mastered these so completely that you can cast them at will.

Martial Tactics- you can use a number of martial tactics based on your level-

Level     1st     2nd
1st         3        -
2nd       4         -
3rd       4         -

Practice- Each day, after a long rest, you can practice a number of martial tactics from your repertoire (see below) equal to the number of tactics you can use each day. Practicing tactics requires you to diligently prepare, taking 1 minute per tactic level for each maneuver you train. You can prepare the same tactic multiple times.
Using a Tactic: You can execute one of your prepared tactics. After you use the tactic, it vanishes from your mind, and you cannot use that prepared tactic until after you next practice your maneuvers. If you take damage, you become disrupted on your next turn. While disrupted, you must succeed on a DC 10 Constitution check to use any tactic other than a minor spell (a trick). If you fail the check, your action is wasted, but you retain the tactic. You can’t using martial tactics while wearing armor.
Martial Prowess: Whenever you make an attack granted by a martial tactic, you use your Strength modifier for the attack roll and the damage roll. You gain an additional +2 bonus to the attack rolls of your tactics.
Saving Throw Difficulty Class: Whenever an effect from a tactic you execute calls for a saving throw, the saving throw DC equals 10 + your Strength modifier.

You have a repertoire which includes the following tactics Whirling Blades, Speak with Swords, Shielding Might, and Stunning Greatness.

In addition to your martial training which do not require you to use weapons, you can use daggers, slings, and quarterstaffs.

Theme: Living Weapon
You are a student of war. Through diligent martial study, you’ve learned to use additional minor tactics. You gain the Military Expert feat.
Military Expert: Your study of war rewards you with two minor tactics. Your mastery of them allows you to use them as often as you like.
Benefit: You know two more tricks than you would have known otherwise. These have been added to the Minor Tactics class feature.


Whirling Blades
1st-level weapon
You erupt in a burst of speed striking your enemy directly in front of you and return to where you originally were without taking a scratch.
Effect: You attack everyone in a 15-foot cone originating from you. Each creature caught in the assault takes fire damage equal to 2d4 + your martial ability modifier. A creature can duck out of the way to take half the damage with a successful Dexterity saving throw.

The speed of your attacks ignites unattended flammable objects in the area.

Speak with Swords
1st-level awareness
The world is home to countless languages and dialects, tongues that are beyond counting and whose meaning is lost on even the most erudite scholars. Speak with Swords makes the incomprehensible comprehensible through your skill in threatening them with steel.
Effect: For the next hour your weapons do the talking, you understand the literal meaning of spoken or written languages as long as you are touching a speaker of the words or a surface on which the words are written. It takes about a minute to read one page of text (about 250 words).

This spell does not decipher codes or reveal messages concealed in otherwise normal text. Certain magical wards might foil this spell by concealing text, trapping it, or making the text nonsensical.

Something’s Funny
Minor awareness
Upon executing Something’s Funny, you immediately perceive any objects, fields, or creatures affected or created by magic as having a flickering aura. Your martial training can give you clues into the nature of the magic such as its school and power.
Effect: You divine the presence of any magic in a 30-foot cone originating from you. This martial tactic does not reveal that which is designed to be hidden.

Bright Fury
Minor weapon
Your anger can cause an object you touch to shine with light for a time.
Effect: You must first be angry and then touch an object. It then emits bright light in a 20-foot radius. The light lasts for 1 hour or until you cast this spell again.

Use the Force
Minor gear
Your martial skills have reached the level of the jedi. You can manipulate objects, open doors, and retrieve small items with your mind. Many quadratic fighters Use the Force to retrieve items from their pouches to keep their hands free.
Effect: You can extend your will to a point with 50 feet of you. This effect remains active for 1 minute or until you execute this martial tactic again. While your force of will is present, you can control it as an action.

You can use your jedi abilities to manipulate an object, stow an item, open a door, or pour the contents from a vial. You can also move this effect up to 30 feet, but no farther than 50 feet away from you. Your force of will cannot carry more than 10 pounds. Your force of will cannot move higher than 5 feet from the ground and cannot attack or use magic items.

Throw My Weapon
Minor weapon
This martial tactic is very reliability, Throw My Weapon unerringly strikes its target.
Effect: You hurl some sort of weapon at toward a creature you can see within 100 feet of you. Provided the throw has an unobstructed path to the target, the target takes force damage equal to 1d4 + 1. It doesn’t matter if you actually have a weapon with you or not. It doesn’t matter whether you are carrying a magic greatsword, halberd, ballista, or dead goblin.

Special: You hurl two weapons at 3rd level, three weapons at 6th level, and four weapons at 9th level. You can direct each weapon against the same target or different targets within range.

Pinning Glare
Minor weapon
Tired of hitting people with your attacks, you choose to turn your gaze upon you enemies freezing them with an icy stare.
Effect: You make a ranged stare attack against one creature within 100 feet of you using your martial prowess modifier. On a hit, the target’s speed drops to 0 until your next turn.

Shielding Might
1st-level gear
You don’t actually need a shield to defend yourself. The fact that a quadratic fighter has eschewed the need for armor allows to use this tactic is he chooses from time to time.
Effect: You protect yourself against attacks. Your skill with weapons and ability to defend yourself grants you half cover and automatically stops Throw My Weapon attacks from damaging you. This martial tactic lasts for 10 minutes.

Awesome Blow
Minor weapon
It is almost shocking how awesome you are at attacking your enemies.
Effect: You make a melee attack against a creature within your reach. If the target is made of metal or is wearing medium or heavy armor made of metal, you make this attack with advantage (you are just that good).

On a hit, the target takes lightning damage equal to 1d8 + your martial prowess ability modifier.

Stunning Greatness
1st-level impressive
Being a quadratic fighter is so cool. Creatures who come in contact with you are impressed you don’t need weapons or armor to be effective. When your foes realize that they have no chance against you at higher levels they grow drowsy and might fall asleep.
Effect: You cause creatures in a 20-foot-radius sphere within 100 feet of you to become bored with the discussions that perpetually come up on the forums grow drowsy. All creatures in the area move at half speed until they take any damage. Any creature with 10 hit points or fewer must also make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the creature falls unconscious. The creature remains unconscious until it takes any damage or until someone else uses an action to shake or slap the creature awake.

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