Sunday, August 12, 2012

D&D Next, Mechwarrior, OCC Season 15, Dungeonbowl, and new 40K

I am patiently awaiting the arrival of the next play test for D&D Next. I rue calling it 5th Edition because it really isn't. It is definitely not another rehashing of 4e and more than that version was a continuation of 3.5. They have announced it should be released by GenCon, so we got about a week or so to wait. It has been a long time since my group gathered for a session- so I have been investing time in other things.

I did play the original tabletop Battletech all those years ago a few times, but the Mechwarrior re-launch is my first stab at any of the PC games. If you want to check it out, I will supply a link. I have enjoyed it. It is free to play and a nice variation of the other shooters. Maps load quick, the rules are complicated and not quite transparent- but c'mon giant robots. Awesome.

I am signed up again for Orca Cola Championship using Cyanide's Bloodbowl game. I only finished 5th in my tier last season, so back with a vengeance. Moved into group 5D this time, so wish me luck on that. I am digging Dungeonbowl still. It definitely isn't the most balanced game on the market, but I do love the system. Anything turn-based and thinking is neat for me. I like having a persistent team even if I don't win all my matches. Like the Plagueborn team from the BASH league, I whipped up on Mike a bunch over the first two seasons we played- but he schooled me in the BASH Cup this year at Tower of Games.

Guess the next step for me is trying to find a game of 40k to see how the new rules work. I have sold off all my miniatures and most of the books, but I have a very impressive Eldar force for 40k. It is more popular among my friends anyway. Maybe I can get a match in. I found some cool terrain on eBay that I want to build for my table. Step one is out of the way, just waiting on the grass mats and I will get moving on that.

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