Friday, September 28, 2012


Okay so, I just won this auction on eBay.

For $325, I walked away with a shit ton of chaos daemons. The thing is the army didn't have any heavy choices I really wanted to use. It did include the Reaper Sophie model as a demon prince(cess), but that isn't core or legal in the Warhammer world, so I will probably be relisting her. I did pick up this force though.

Personally I am excited about having Skulltaker and these models. In a small battle I might use one of the regular Bloodcrushers as a herald on a Juggernaut. But for an elite choice and HQ choice the unit is great. These things are strong, have a lot of attacks, a MEQ saving throw in addition to their daemonic 5+ invulnerable save. They are strictly melee, but I can live with that. It is why we play daemons.

Core melee infantry doesn't get much better. S5 on a charge, 2A each, power weapons. The bloodletters are gonna be mad fun. Can field two units of at least 8.

Flamers are jump infantry, so that means a 12" move. They have this template attack that kills everything underneath it. Very scary.

The army has something like 40 horrors. Not all were painted, but mostly interested in fielding three or four small units. Each one gets three S4 shots per the last codex, and you can upgrade one model to hit harder. Best thing about horrors is the invulnerable save for them is a 4+.

For fast attack I have these hounds. Figure ten of them is either one or two units of speedy melee. I think in 6th edition beasts ignore terrain. So they can roam around even the most complicated battlefield. They hit hard, but don't stand up to heavy fire.

Another jump infantry unit. Lots of move, two attacks at S4 each. They don't get upgrades, but I got ten of them to play with.

I also wound up owning a Lord of Change and a great chaos model on a disc, I can incorporate into this army. The new codex should be out next month or Nov, so I will try to post more pics and a real army list once everything comes in. I currently have a legal and terrifying 3,000pts worth of Eldar. I love that army, but this is the start of my second force. If you see any Thousand Sons models on eBay let me know. I want them as my allies badly. Feel no Pain - FTW.

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