Saturday, September 29, 2012


So I was going to be a nerdcore rapper. I had this desire to write rhymes about all the nerdy stuff in my life. I wanted to tell the stories I have. I wanted to throw out my experiences to a small and dramatically limited audience on the internet. I never had aspirations of performing or recording in front of a ton of people. I used to freestyle rap over Black Sabbath in the car. I always get inspired in my little Malibu and spit expletives to the music pumping through my stereo. To me though there is something just fun about the expressions the emotion that is involved when I do. To actually turn a moment in my car into an actual plan that is beyond my actual skill set. I am not giving up on it, but I am practical enough just to dig the cool stuff that is out there. I am a thief not a rogue, how nerdcore is getting your D&D books taken away while you are in prison, how many girls have screamed ‘And I hate mc chris’ during a fight with their boyfriend, it is just creepy that one day I considered wearing a Guy Fawkes mask and ambushing that same artist with a punch to the face just to be internet famous. The best thing about all of it is no one even knows what nerdcore is when I tell them it is usually the only music I listen to. My god I am on the fringes of society these days.

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