Thursday, September 6, 2012

Super-hero Movies

Okay, I have mentioned this a few time in public. I have never decided to write about it though. I remember way back when there were no superhero movies. You had Christopher Reeves and Adam West then along came Jack Nicholson as the Joker. Don't get me wrong, I was dying for a blockbuster Spiderman film. I have been a fan of the genre for years, but something happened after seeing the Avengers movie. Like walking away from that theater where I felt like, okay that was awesome. But it was more like that is awesome, and I am done.

Like enough already Hollywood. I appreciate it, but let's go in a new direction. I don't need another Peter Parker to be Spiderman. I don't need a Spiderwoman movie for me to feel complete. I think just in general I want them to pick a new theme.

One of my favorite twists in the discussion is the action movie heroes of my childhood. You had film after film starring the same actor in a slightly different role. Sure he acted pretty much the same as he did in the film before. It was the same kung-fu fighting crap that never really happens, or bullets were flying everywhere and our hero never got shot. But film after film was released with like five or six superheroes. These same expendable actors were joined by a cast of 10-15 other blockbuster heroes that never got the same degree of exposure. Well, thank you very much Marvel comics. The new array of films don't even feature the actors- but the characters.

Maybe I am ahead of the cries of BOOORIING from American US Movie Audiences, but just remake King Kong again or something if you want special effects and a familiar story. Do something new please that gets my interest in theater piqued again. Damn- I can't wait for the Hobbit movie.. (/sigh)

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