Monday, November 26, 2012

Marvelous World

I always wondered why in the Marvel Universe the technological advancements were always limited to the superheroes. If Mister Fantastic developed water breathing pills in the 50’s why has it taken so long for them to come into mass production? Guys like Antman, Iron Man, the Wizard, Arnim Zola- none of them every produced this technology for the mass market. It just doesn’t make sense to do one-offs or knock out a single piece at a time. Most of the money in R&D is in the planning and process phase to produce a single proto-type. You would think that somewhere along the line a world populated by superheroes would change.

Some of it does make sense. If Klaw’s sonic powers come from vibranium we understand there is a limited amount of that material in the world. But just because the Ultron robot is made out of admantium doesn’t mean we can’t make a similar machine built out of aluminum or carbon fiber. It just seems very strange that in a world populated with several super intelligent computers and thinking androids – they don’t have commercial robots yet.

Even with the silly ‘we hate mutants’ idea that dominated the genre over and over, don’t you think that a few of the mutants wouldn’t be using their powers commercially. I mean if I had the ability to move earth or control weather, I would do something besides rob banks or try to take over the world. I could literally see using those powers to work in ways the Marvel writers have consistently avoided. No one would read a comic book based on Madcap the Mushroom whose entire super power was to induce pleasurable hallucinations, but it would be a fantastic character. If I was Magneto I would probably be working in a factory, but then again I wasn’t forced to go through all the stuff he did. It just seems weird there aren’t characters like the Angler who has an uncanny ability to catch fish living in a world full of bizarre people with interesting abilities.

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