Thursday, March 28, 2013

Great Minds

It is always fun when a project I am working on currently hits the webs as big news- link. I had just finished ordering some super cool models off of eBay determined to make a skaven Bloodbowl team. One of the central ideas was as opposed to using some of the existing bloodbowl models I wanted to convert some stupidly expensive new models to create a more amazing looking team.

Don't get me wrong. The skaven team from Games Workshop looks pretty cool. I just rarely ever field the throwers or the stormvermin. For me the Gutter Runners are the bread and butter with lots of linemen and a rat ogre. But the boxed set comes with three Gutter Runners, four models I really don't want to buy, and I am going to be short about half a team. So I was debating between using these guys:

Or this?

In the end, you can kind of guess which model I really wanted to use. But I debated this for a long time. Finally after sitting on the idea for what seemed like an eternity, I decided that I was going to search around a little on eBay. I found a pair of the Deathmaster Snikch models for less than the price of a single one. He has moved to finecast now, so yes he is very expensive. The cool thing for me is the only arm which is actually modeled to the body is the hand with the sword raised above his head. It makes it easy to remove and add a left arm which isn't wielding a weapon. His tail which is holding the third sword is separate from the body as well, so I can easily swap another skaven bit for the sword he holds in his tail.

I also decided that rather than the Blood Bowl linemen- I should use some of the new plastic figures. There are lots of options, but the new clanrats look like they are going to work really, really well. This isn't my conversion. It is an example I found on the internet.

I think they will look really cool. I have lots of odd bits even some metal and plastic Blood Bowl models floating around. I picked up a package of custom bases too. So in the end I will have ten linemen, two gutter runners, and a rat ogre to start this team off. That gives me three rerolls and I had 10,000GC left over so I took a single increase in fan factor.

I will post some pictures of the Dismal Swampers when I get them assembled and painted. I have enough models to do a dwarf team as well, so they will be lurking around my house as a starting team as well. I am going to call them the Marzabul Stouts. That is nod to the dwarven settlement in Quindia and my love for beer. All in all it is an awesome thing that Games Workshop is going to be showing this quick, easy to learn game a little love with a new release.

I didn't mention it, but I probably should. The other sexy new release I am excited about ties hand in hand with some models I sent to a friend in Swansboro who is doing a little painting for me. The rumors include the only unit I still own from Scott's army moving to Core. That means it was awesome I saved them, but more awesome I have a cat who has already started this project for me before I even knew there was a new army book coming out.

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