Friday, May 31, 2013

The Eldar Codex

The first army I ever inherited from my brother was his Eldar force. Since then I have added models left and right, tried to keep it inline with a winning list. I have often heard complaints over the years about Eldar cheesiness and despite now owning Tyranids, Chaos Daemons, and even a borrowed Crimson Fist force- I will always be a Xenos player and the Eldar are my first love. So much cool as fluff and what is more they have always been pretty effective. The world of tournament players aside, my friends really don't like fighting them.

The reviews of the Eldar book have been a little off-putting to me so far. This cat over on 3++ wrote a terrible bit picking out the biggest problems in his opinion. I don’t actually have a copy in hand, but to me it seems like the forum trolls are just basically unhappy people. Why is the internet like that. I understand it is a competitive game as opposed to a cooperative game, but all the min/max-ing is what turned my brother away from the gaming aspect of the hobby. Personally I don’t mind a good thrashing. When I ran daemons at a Kill Team event for our newly opened Games Workshop store in Virginia Beach (link), it was actually pretty cool the manager paired me off against the Grey Knights. I seized the objectives after determining that everything what made it into combat against him was going to be toast. We eeked out a draw, so that my friend is that, and Grey Knights always win against Chaos Daemons.

But my thoughts of the Eldar revolve around one specific thing. As the editions have changed I have literally built my force around destroying MEQ’s and tried everything possible to bump up my armor saves. Sure I have had games where my Pathfinders and Star Cannons did well, but this ‘rending-lite’ for practically the entire army is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Ten shuriken catapults is twenty shots so math hammer that up. Yes, the range is dramatically short- but they are chaff. Always have been always will be. If you are wasting shots at my fast, mobile guardian units they will die. If you are not, they are going to be way more dangerous than ever when they get close enough to shoot your face off.

The one thing I don’t mind at all is the fact that the range didn’t change. Warhammer 40k moves so fast now. With all the Force Composition madness going on with the new rules they are going to be ridiculously cool. I am so stoked about even the ability to slide things around so I can field more units that I own. I have always enjoyed a few key points about playing the Eldar. Very specialized troops, my units that used to do this or that well, will still do them very well (oh yeah, plus now they have rending). My strategy about having more models on the table than my opponent. Um, that works too. Guardians are still dreadfully cheap and will now be flying across the board. I am going to do some more specific write-ups on my force when I get the book this weekend. Just wanted to sound off and say the host of Keris Zon will be making an appearance on the board very soon.

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