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Lendos Berkshire

Lendos Berkshire is a walled trading post near Goland’s border. As the southernmost defensible position an army garrison is always well maintained. The town supports several surrounding villages, farms, and silver mines. Many of the trade goods arrive and depart via river portage. A southern road leads to the small outpost along the river. The town itself boasts two taverns and an inn, a blacksmith, stables, an armory, and even an elven bakery.

NPCs of Note

Morgan Trapnul- the sheriff of Lendos Berkshire. She is a tall, beautiful woman with fiery red hair who is known to have a bit of temper. A widower herself, she is a bit of a shrew. Her devotion to following the letter of the law is well known, and she has little patience for those who do not. The soldiers stationed here often give her a hard-time but they know better than to cross her. More than one has learned that lesson the hard way as she trounced them in front of their fellows.

Constable Ruskal- the commander of the army garrison in Lendos Berkshire. He is a fair man, but more of a bureaucrat than soldier. He oversees the armory and storehouse used by troops in the area. At any given time there may be a dozen soldiers stationed here permanently, but more often it is a way point for outbound patrols, training missions, or organizational post for the area. Ruskal maintains his appearance very neatly and is never seen without his uniform.

Lord Haffron- is the aged mayor of the village. He received the position within the last few years and has never been quite satisfied with the land grant. He is anxious for another appointment and spends more time working his connections in Ansallen than he does governing the town. His wife the Lady Tessa is the quintessential trophy wife, half his age and twice as attractive. She recently bore him a son, but he has two older children from a previous wife.

Tredwater Lindell- owns the Rhinewine Tavern. No one would mistake his Skorhean ancestry. His family settled after raiding the area generations ago. He is the epitome of what makes Goland a perfect melting pot and one of the strongest nations in the South. His selection of alcoholic drinks is noteworthy, the fare on the menu is just as strong, and he even has a few private rooms available for travelers. Tred is very outgoing and often joins his patrons for a drink. There are many stories of this going too far be in a tavern clearing brawl or the large bearded man wandering the streets wearing nothing but his bald head and apron.

Reynan- co-owner of Blackfeather Trading with Greymag. This duo runs the local trade supplies shop and have ties with the large merchant company in Ansallen. The prices on armor, weapons, and tools fashioned out of metal are very high right now while clothing, boats, and magical supplies can be purchased at a discount. Reynan is a slim, handsome man who looks a little dangerous, like he could hold his own in a fight. Greymag is a female halfling, bubbly and cute with big eyes and a huge smile. She is known for having a bit of a potty mouth, but is usually pleasant with her customers. They share quarters of the trading post and are openly flirtatious despite the huge difference in the races (To each their own).

Keebler Arphan- owns the elven Bakery in the village. It is prominent feature in the city. The building encompasses a huge, live oak. The elven script for bakery is prominent displayed and despite its gimmicky nature it is actually very good. Keebler himself is actually stocky for a half-elf. His paunch shows just how much he enjoys his own treats. He has several of the young children in the village working for him along with his own kids to give the appearance of having gnomes on his staff.

Phinell Cromwell- is the gatekeeper of Lendos Berkshire. He oversees the citizen militia, works as a back-up for the sheriff, liaison to the army garrison, and basically runs the city when Lord Haffron is away on business. He is native to the area and keeps a close eye on everything that goes on. Physically he isn’t the most impressive member of the locals, but out of everyone else he is probably the most influential person because he has ties to everything.

Edna Yate- owns the tavern, The Cutpurse. While the name belies a shady establishment, it has more reasonable prices and is more popular with the local farmers and herders. She is a large, pleasant spinster who makes a mean pork roast. Her breakfast platters are legendary. Her bastard son oversees the stables, so guests arriving on horseback are always sent to her location. He honed his muscles hammering on an anvil, and often lets his temper get the best of him. He has tested himself against Tredwell Lindell more than once. Usually these battles end up injuring others more than the participants.

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