Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jaws of the Wolf

We took a little time this week, and ran a game of 40k. It has been a while since we played anything quite this large in terms of point value. For me it was a good exercise, and I learned a few things. What bothered me was simply forgetting some of the simple things, hated flipping back and forth between the books, and unfortunately I am not sure when the next game is going to come again. It is like I want to be more committed to playing, but at the same time I want to keep moving forward on our D&D game. Without further rambling though, here is a list of what I learned or would rather remember next time-

  • Throw Grenades- when you are really close to the enemy, select a model to toss a shooting attack. The Thunderwolf Cavalry my buddy was playing would have been unengaged soon if it would have hit on a flamer with a grenade. It is important whenever you are playing against someone with two wounds per figure to roll as many high strength attacks as possible separately to remove models. I felt a little silly sometimes trying to save my models, but as a player be as devastating as you can be.
  • Remember Your Special Rules- I never re-rolled a single daemon saving throw the entire game. The Daemon of Tzeentch special rule, allows you to reroll 1's on saving throws. This wouldn't have been a game changer, but it is one of those things that you realize much later on. Another bonehead move I made was committing to doing something that just turned out to be wrong. Do not under any circumstances charge the Skullcannon. It only gets a d6 S6 AP- hits. Against ten grots that won't even do any damage (much less against MEQ's). I read somewhere this morning that Space Wolves have something special to Deny the Witch. It frustrates me when I read that because I have a hard enough managing my own rules. I don't want to have to run my friend's army as well. Be prepared when you show up!
  • Don't Waste Points- I can live with the fact that a few units didn't end up on the field because I tried deep striking. Having a pair of units with banners and musicians, and neither of them successfully rolled a 3+ to hit the field on turn two is pretty silly. Out of five units in reserve, none of them came in that round. Even losing my HQ to a roll of '1' on the Deep Strike Mishap Table is something I can accept. The derpa thing that made me mad was rolling on the chart for exalted rewards pre-game. I don't know why I even bother. Sinking points into the chart is always a disappointment. The 50pts I wasted buffing the unit champions for the horrors and the flamers was just silly. It was completely useless. The magic weapons on the bloodreapers would have been cool if any of my Khorne units made it to combat, but then again I just wanted to have a few AP2 attacks. I was expecting terminators and my opponent didn't field a single one.

All in all it was still a fun game. I did a little nerd rage when I watched my opponent attempt a Jaws of the Wolf psychic attack.

"Wait, hold up, no save? No nothing, just kills everything in a line with unlimited range," I was stammering, "That doesn't even make sense, and you can just freely pick your powers as well?"

This is total shit is what I was thinking. You do have to fail Initiative tests to die, and I made the rolls, but against anything that instant kills a 1-in-6 chance seems a little OP'd. If I had a greater daemon just flitting around the board what then- Jaws of the Wolf vs. MFC's? How does it work against everything besides little dodgers. I guess next time we will see what is next.

I did my best to field straight up daemons too- my ideal build right now is probably starting with CSM, but sinking all my points into daemon allies. I want to keep working out my lists and builds. Have fun 40k-er's, I will be in touch.

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