Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Guard

Finished off a unit of Wraithguard today. Thought I would post pics - this brings my total to twenty. They are durable models with a high toughness and MEQ saves. The cannons are short range, but pack a whallop. If I decide to use big ten man units they are going to be hard to just shoot off the board. One option with the list is fielding a Spiritseer which switches them from and Elite choice to troops. Having four scoring units roaming the board would be solid as well, supported with other things or just covering the entire board in 12" Wraithcannon goodness- hits on 3's, wounds almost everything on a 2+, denies armor saves, and crushes AV14 as well as anything in the game.

The good thing about the new rules is they lost Wraithsight. Now you can ignore psykers in the unit or near them. The bad thing though, they lost their ability to add a warlock. Now you can pick up a Spiritseer as an independent character and attach him to the unit, but the days of 25pt warlocks leading the units is over. I considered taking Craftworld Keris Zon and turning it toward the necromancy of Iyanden. That craftworld can field seers as 5-per-1 on a slot. Not bad tactically. Since Runes of Battle is all buffs/debuffs dropping a psyker in a unit of Dire Avengers or Scorpions would be great fun.

My oddest idea is using the Scorpion Phoenix Lord Karandras to infiltrate a large unit of Wraithguard. He doesn't get to charge after slipping up close, but he is surrounded by Wraithguard. Characters pass the ability to Infiltrate to the unit they are with, so this gives you first turn Wraithcannon shots. One unit pushed forward should be fun, could run Scorpions up there too on either side to charge into anything that advanced, so my unit isn't unsupported. It would draw tons of fire I am sure, but what else am I going to do with Karandras- he is more dangerous with the Wraithguard than the Scorpions probably.

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