Friday, March 21, 2014


I wanted to reiterate this point again about the local tournament thing. I thought when Games Workshop created rules they were legal. I mean like the Warrior's Code codifies everything line by line. It is updated regularly and works for events at Warhammer World. Why aren't those same rules in effect everywhere.

The idea of attending a tournament is to play games, have a chance at winning, and enjoy the fellowship of other players. Time and time again I hear things mentioned like "We probably would allow special character if it wasn't for (random name)." Local clubs will allow unpainted models in a heartbeat, but you aren't allowed to field Fortification Networks or some other random thing. What is so innately overpowered about spending points in buildings as opposed to fielding Troop models. It just seems overly protective because someone decided to allow this or that based on their personal feelings.

The Las Vegas Open Tournament showed what you could do with six Dire Avenger units in Wave Serpents led by a Warlock Bike Squad. But the fellow that won that tournament didn't simply win by winning all of his games. There were lots of players that went undefeated. The true price of a championship comes from totaling all the points involved. You have sportsmanship, painting, etc. It isn't just about fielding the craziest thing you can. And on that note, how many people have been tabled by a player with a list you felt just shut you down at every turn?

That is why it seems odd to me that tournament organizers pull these special little rules out of the their hats. As a daemon player I would prefer to disallow any Grey Knight armies because I know the deck is stacked. My god I played a Kill Team event at the Games Workshop store in Virginia Beach, and out of all the people who attended I got stuck facing the only Grey Knight player who was there. It was kind of funny and I played to a draw with the objectives, but the point is that army is specifically designed to crush me.

Fielding a Flying Circus or an army of Terminators is completely cool, but heaven forbid you show up with Void Relay Network you kit-bashed for your Eldar because you choose to pick up Stronghold Assault. See for me I like painting the miniatures and doing the hobby side of the game as much as playing. I am not the guy who is just running Tyranids behind an Aegis Defense Line because I want a Quad-Gun. I like the nature of expanding my armies and converting models. One of the main reasons I have avoided picking up the Forge World Wraithseer is because I am just terrified that I put him on the table and someone is crying over my overpowered Wraithguard HQ choice. Maybe I should just be like everyone else and put these thoughts to rest.

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