Sunday, May 25, 2014


Surfing the web today and ran across this:

All armies must be Battleforged
No Demonology powers.
No Come the apocalypse allies.
Primary Detachment is restriced to 1 FOC per 1999+1
You may take an Allied detachment from the same codex.
Warp charges are capped to 12.

It kind of makes me sad. I don't know why I even bother looking around at stuff. It is kind of like saying- hey, I know you weren't happy you actually picked an army that relies heavily on the psychic phase but maybe you should eBay that crap and pick up some nice tanks, dudes in power armor, or just buy a Warmahordes army. We truly want do make sure at best we can still shut down anything you try with a 4+ from our allied Rune Priest.

It is just crazy to me how people are so terrified and up in arms about force organization chart. Remember the expanded force org list (think it was BoLS who came up with it). It was this eternal sprawl of Inquisition detachments, Imperial Knights, Legion of the Damned, etc. It had grown to clearly favor Imperial armies while Xenos was left with stuff like- you can have allies in an Eldar force, but they can't be Craftworld Iyanden because that would clearly be crazy. While marines were allowed to ally with themselves, etc.

I think for me it wouldn't be so bad if Horrors and Bloodletters had been designed to be effective in more than one specific aspect of the game. But generally they are less effective in a vacuum against most other troops. They need to rely on other things to get the job done. Popping a unit of ten is not the end of the world and is going to considerably tax the caster who chooses to use Demonology powers due to the high cost of Summoning. The folks who are making all of the outrageous claims of being able to multi-summon over and over the entire game seem to be forgetting your opponent has a turn as well.

In most 40k games I've played two or three turns of shooting against any army is bloody devastating. The same thread I ran across the house rules above included other suggestions like tossing out the Malestorm of War missions which to me seems like a huge step back. All of the people crying about Daemonology and the Psychic Phase probably weren't happy facing Wave Serpent spam lists, Drop Pod Marines, or Deathstars anyway. The crazy I add special character to my list because he is a steal for his point value or this guys has access to all the powers in this discipline is probably okay to them. They don't mind using what are basically exploits for old armies and as long as it gels with their vision of the fluff - yippee!

Like the fucking space marine drop pods that land without scattering. It is all fine and good because it is the way it should be. Or terminators deep striking because they are Deathwing Terminators to a teleport homer at mid field. But no, if you are CSM with a Mark of Khorne - there is no way you should be allowed to pull in Bloodletters from reserve because it specifically says 'models from this codex' on pg. 88 (whatever) even though we know it makes perfect sense to have that happen. And my god, why can't Codex: Eldar ally with Codex: Iyanden. See to me it comes down to the pile of models that I have collected over the years.

Maybe (random unit) is the most awesome thing in the game right now in terms of how the rules work. Or (random army) is unbeatable in the tournament scene. But I just think all the internet drivel is slightly annoying. I am going to add my own thunder to all this endless debate. Wanna roll out a 3,000pt game tomorrow. I have models for days, lol.

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  1. Yeah, I don't know who is worse... The 40k Tournament players or the 'WotC killed D&D' crowd. I really like what GW did with 6th edition and absolutely love the way 5e D&D looks. People need to remember these are GAMES.