Monday, June 2, 2014

Daemonic Wall of Martyrs Network

I have been wanting to post some pictures of my Wall of Martyrs I have been working on for some time. When Stronghold Assault came out, I was already thinking a lot about doing some terrain. We have a local place in Norfolk where you can walk in and use the 3-D printer, laser cutter/etcher, CNC machine. The guys at 757 Makerspace are awesome. Rather than investing the money yourself and buying this equipment you can use everything for a monthly fee. My first projects were all for my Eldar:

I wasn't super happy with how they turned out. I wanted to use some textured spray paint, but it just ended up looking a little flat to me. Here are some pics after I hit them with paint. The hardest thing for me was actually getting highlights that looked good. In the second picture though, you can see the size of details you are able to make with the laser cutter. Everything was cut from 1/8" birch except for the details which are sliced from 1/16" plastic sheeting.

My next big plan was to cut out some bunkers.

They came out amazing, but Stronghold Assault hit stores, and the Wall of Martyrs Imperial Bunker did not look like the one I completed.

It was multi-level and actually a little longer than my first attempt. Not a big deal really. The thing that inspired me the most was using the same basing technique I had used on my Daemons of Chaos to hide the tabs and the joins in the wood. I have been basing my models with joint compound before I base coat them black. A little light blue paint and it looks like they are crawling up out of the warp.

I think everything eventually came out pretty well. My plans in the future are to finish off some Vengenance Weapon Batteries and a Firestorm Redoubt. I want to use the Exalted Flamer miniatures for the weapon platforms. I love the ones on the 40k Daemons blog (link). I have most of the build out finished, just need to add the warpstuff and paint it up.

I hope everything looks good to you. I spend at least as much time right now working on mini's and terrain as I do list-building. I have been into many games recently, but hopefully that will change now that 7th edition has hit.

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  1. Your wall of martyrs turned out quite well. I like the look of it, very chaosy. Hope my suggestions and pointers were helpful.