Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New List

I picked up some more Horrors off eBay over the last few days. I grabbed a couple of the plastic models to convert into Heralds since my typical Horror units are the old metal models. Just browsing today I found a ten man squad for $69. All I need to do is rework the bases to match my army and I should be good to go. I am not really feeling the changes to Interceptor and my plans to build the Firestorm Redoubt might change after this fact. I've already built one Punisher gatling cannon out of bits left over from my Maulerfiend, so maybe I'll model up a second one for the Redoubt and just use the whole piece as bunker for Daemons.

I guess that brings me to what do with all the Exalted Flamers. I was sitting on six. Four for the Redoubt mounted in pairs and two for units. But now, I might just set aside four of them for Heralds. I could either dump one in each of my new Horror units- who probably won't move around a lot anyway- or just drop these bastards in a single unit. For 50pts each, they come in with 4BS, 4S, 4T, 3W, 3A. Barring a S8+ template blasting the entire unit into nothing, they will hit very hard within 18". Each can either fire a Torrent flame attack that beats AP3 or 1d3 shots at S9 AP2. Paired with the 40 shots hitting 5+ coming from the Redoubt it should help me defending my Horrors spamming daemons from Assaults.

I made this list today:

  • Tzerald (ML3, Exalted Reward), 11 Pink Horrors
  • Tzerald (ML3, Lesser Reward), 11 Pink Horrors
  • Tzerald (ML3, Lesser Reward), 11 Pink Horrors
  • Tzerald (ML3, Lesser Reward), 11 Pink Horrors
  • 4 Exalted Flamers
  • 8 Flamers (one Pyrocaster)
  • 3 Screamers
  • Firestorm Redoubt (two Punisher Gatling Cannons)

The idea here really is put everything on the board. One unit snuggles up in the Redoubt, maybe even dump one on the battlements. The Flamers and Screamers are for taking objectives or enemy units that want to sit back (I am looking at you Eldar Rangers). Then really just scatter the other units around. Each of the Exalted Flamers is an Independent unit or can be combined in any variation. It really depends what I am facing off against.

But eventually we will get to the Psychic Phase. Twenty dice gives me the opportunity to pop four Summoning spells with 5 dice each. If I go Malefic on all of my units- I could with 80% likelihood bring on two units of ten Bloodletters (full command) and two units of 5 Flesh Hounds. I actually have models for those. As well as an additional five Fleshhounds. I also have six Blood Crushers and an additional three Screamers if I pull Incursion. The coolest thing about me not fielding my 230pt Lord of Change in this list is it is very likely with all of these random powers- I might be able to summon one on the first turn. Since I only have one model, I picked up the Exalted Flamers instead.

I should be able to get a few spells off creating daemons from my acutal collection the first turn, but from then on it is going to be about pushing the summoned stuff forward into my enemies lines. If I keep my Horrors back and in a defensible position I should be able to protect them with them with the Redoubt and the Exalted Flamers. Summoning new units and using Sacrifice to create new Tzeralds when their numbers decrease. It will definitely be about attrition in this style of force. Losing a single Horror drops my dice in any of the original units. Perils will kill models or cause me to lose spells. Stuff like Sacrifice will give me at best a level two Herald, so those magic dice are going to be hard to lose.

Even dropping the 200pt Firestorm Redoubt seems likely for my opponent which could do a lot to crush both units manning it. Might be better just to hide behind the damn thing, lol. Worst case scenario is I add another piece to my table.

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