Monday, July 28, 2014


Can I just say I hate Pathfinder. Nothing against the good people at Paizo. Nothing against the people who play it. I just think it is kind of like something that had its run. There will always be fanboi's who revel in what a great system it is. But I mean seriously as a company hasn't it run its course. What are they going to do? Keep harping on the old SRD to push out even more content for the exact same system we had in 3.5 D&D. Are they going to release more classes, more feats, more monsters, more modules? I hate to split hairs, but it is 3.5 D&D, exactly 3.5 D&D reskinned and retooled, now with better options, greater artwork, what we think the game should have been! At least with my friends over at Wizards of the Coast they created the Avenger, the Warden, bards that replace clerics, warlords that replace clerics, it was like there were some innovations in 4e like the short rest that are here to stay. I am all advantage/disadvantage on the brain now. Along with flatter math and monsters that are challenges from 1st to 20th - I will stay that way. I have two copies of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons PHB in my book shelf from the 70's and 80's and little else. My PC is full of digital versions from every edition some I bought in print and some I didn't, but I sold off so much stuff on eBay a few years ago I just didn't want to keep carrying all of these books with me into the future. I have my D&D Next Players Handbook on pre-order and I am doing my best to avoid the forums where the edition wars and the my company is better than your company continues to rage on. If I just have to see one more comment saying "PATHFINDER is teh BEST", well I will just die. /rant

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