Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Tzerald (ml3) w/11 Pink Horrors < 200pts

Is there a quicker way to grab twenty magic dice? I suppose if I wasn't running them as my primary, I would be stuck with only two units.. max on that for horrors would be six instead of eight.

Fielding four units is basically just sexy. Pop Malefic daemonology on everything and even without a second HQ, it is summoning heaven. You wind up with Flicking Fire all day every day on everything. It is just mind blowing. I am pretty much solid with the idea of saving my hordes of Khorne daemons for summoning rolls and manning my Wall of Martyrs defense network with these guys.

The only thing I have left to do is figure out how to field my Exalted Flamers. I have at least two coming from my brother who occasionally does some beautiful work for me. Local tournaments have been pretty sure they don't want Combined Arms detachments, so I can't really just field a second Herald group. I think having the 50pt Exalted Flamers in units would just give me some extra POW! when folks try to roll up on them. I have at least 600pts of terrain, so for me being able to string that stuff along my deployment zone is ludicrously cool. Even without a greater daemon or princes I can hit 1500pts without fielding flamers and screamers. Just kick back and summon wave after wave of full command bloodletters, blood crushers, or flesh hounds in front of my Defense Network. It isn't a perfect strategy, but it might be really fun to pop four summonings every turn until my Pink Horror units start blowing themselves up.

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