Saturday, April 18, 2015


So I still haven't gotten my hands on a copy of the new Eldar codex that just dropped, but it looks very good to me. I have a massive army, and that alone gives me lots of options when looking at a new release. I do have a few questions that will need to be figured out with the actual list building format because I don't play many games these days. Can I run a Combined Arms Detachment and add in a formation or two? This matters for several of my forces.

I have never really fielded a bunch of transports. Something that costs 115pts and just gets pinged by meltagun and explodes seems a little dangerous when I can put a lot of wounds on the table instead. But I might not be up with the current competitive play meta. Since the new book took some of the teeth out of the Serpent Spam list, I think my failure to build and paint six min DA squads with laser lock serpent shield transports was probably a good thing.

I do have a ton of Wraithguard. I always thought they were badass. Even before they got D-weapons those wraithcannons were brilliant. The problem is there are strictly elite choices now. So unless I field the new Decurion style battle host, I am left with having to decide what to field in my Combined Arms Detachment - guard or aspect warriors. If formations are allowed in CAD's then I am golden. I field my troops, wraithguard, etc. and add in an Aspect Warrior detachment. Which will be cool because of the formation bonuses.

My daemon models need a similar clarification as well. I really dig the Charnel Cohort because of the Khorne Daemon models I have. If I run a Chaos Daemon CAD is it okay to use a Khorne Daemonkin formation in that army. I don't really mind working things out this way or that when it comes to list building. Tournaments like the ITC only allow two detachments and a lot of local stuff seems to like that way of building lists.

I really don't understand why they have that convention laid out because some armies have vastly superior choices when faced with this standard formation. 7th edition really tried to open up what you can play. From unbound to multiple detachments those were the rules in the main book. So many releases have these interesting little formations now that it kind of sucks that the tournament organizers are so last edition. If I want to add a Harlequin formation to my Eldar, I lose the ability to have any other ally with that format. Oddly enough, the massive detachments in the Necron book, the Daemonkin series, and the Eldar let you field your entire collection basically as a single detachment. 12 Lords of War along with a guardian host seems a bit over the top. But in ITC rules that would be legal. If ITC allows Wraithknight because the community there actually voted out ranged D-weapons.

I guess I have a lot of thinking to do. Should I invest the money in a single unit of Possessed, so my CSM force can become the detachment in the Khorne Daemonkin book? Should I grab a Support Battery, War Walker, and Wraithknight to allow me to build the groovy Craftworld Eldar detachments? Maybe I'll just pick up both codex's and wait until I actually get a few games in running a CAD to see if it is even worth it. My brother picked up a pile of Imperial Knights when they first came out. I knew there was no way I was really interested in fighting something that tough initially, but at the same time having a Wraithknight seems to even it out especially with all of the groovy things I have to add to it.

The sky definitely isn't falling with this new release. I am just as tempted to max out my thirty dark reapers I have been wanting to buy. They dropped in points this go around, so that is brilliant. Also the hawks look really cool now. Warp Spiders got a boost. Scorpions and Banshees- the Avengers. Damn, so much good stuff besides the crazy D-weapon Wraithguard and crazy bike shenanigans.

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