Saturday, May 21, 2016

By Tooth and Claw

Starting off with a couple of in the works posts. I rarely post painting tutorials and the like. That is more the realm of my older brother. I can't say I haven't picked up a host of tips, techniques, or more importantly inspiration from my brother. But more or less I am a gamer and collector probably more than I am a painter/hobbyist. No kidding though, I have amassed some skill in the field though.

First up here are the Highborn as they currently stand.

So I thought it was time to work on some special kits to add a little beat stick to my infantry.I built two separate characters to ride my dragon. In the Aelf list, there are two casters or a noble on a dragon to field. I will swap bodies to represent which one I am rolling with.

I wasn't sure what to do in terms of a color. So I am just slowly building up layers until I get where I want to be.

I did have to fill a few gaps on him as well, but that was my fault for using super glue - not the kit. Ever grateful my brother had some green stuff. Mine is completely dried out.

Last pics of the dragon where I decided to lighten up the wings with another coat. Same stage just different lighting.

Finally I'll add the current state of my Tree Lord. He got a little bit of a base coat this week. And I am really looking forward to assembling and painting my dryads and branchwraith from Christmas. This is going to be a fast, nice looking army to paint up.

I will try to make some more posts as this group develops. Just been enjoying working on some models again.

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