Monday, October 17, 2016

All Apologies

Sorry I haven't been as active on here recently. I haven't been doing a ton of gaming or miniature stuff.

I know I don't have a huge following to my blog, but people stumble across some stuff like this, so I decided to do a little writing. My life has been improving in a lot of different ways. So where should I start. Let's see. We'll do daemons and Thousand Sons really quick.

My horror models are still on 25mm squares, so that project is waiting on some kind of new release to make sure I should base them on 1" fender washers or bump up to 1.25". The newest Khorne Bloodletters are on 32mm rounds, so I am curious to see if the horrors go up in base size to match the marines. Apparently Tzeentch and the Thousand Sons are going to eventually have a release this year. When that happens, then yeah my Tzeentch daemons will all move to round. I have been working to repaint my Thousand Sons. I bought a few units on eBay.



More or less the ones I purchased on eBay were just dirty and didn't match my base style or color correctly. So I am slowly going through the process of repainting everything. Just mainly sticking with a pretty straight forward color scheme and trying to be very neat. Once again when they get a new 40k release I will base them on the current base size. I love using the washers and you know I have this cool joint compound, wispy daemon world basing thing I have been using. Guess I should follow in the footsteps of big brother and make some terrain boards for my table that uses the same material, so I can have this entirely crazy looking game board that actually matches by models instead of just always using grass mats.

A lot of my recent painting has been going on at 757 Makerspace. I have moved up to a full membership there to use the laser cutter/etcher. I am loving being part of such a neat, progressive community workspace. I am literally surrounded at all all times by the brightest and most talented people. It is rock and roll. And I am finally to the point where I am producing enough products to pay for my membership.

I am doing some work for my brother and Barry at Beneath the Lily Banners. Here are some pictures of the counters and tokens I am making.

To be honest it is pretty rock and roll.

My next big project is going to be a set of armor. I haven't done a lot of costuming. But I ran across this guy who does amazing 'How To' videos on the internet. ZNA Productions is just awesome. He is smart and funny. He is entertaining in all of his videos. I actually have access to a lot of the tools he is using. There are two specific videos I am focused on right now. I think using techniques from the videos he did on spaulders and the gauntlets are going to be perfect. I ordered some parts today used in making the shoulder pieces and Beau Turner at Makerspace hooked me up with some sacks this week for forming the gauntlets.

I am not following his designs exactly. For one thing I don't actually have a chest piece made. My plan is to use the laser cutter to cut and etch leather bands after I get the spaulders designed. The actual suit I am working on is the alchemist model from the Reaper Pathfinder line.

This was a model my brother painted up for our games (yeah and converted as well) for my main warrior/bard Strom Coldsteel. So more or less this design is going to be close to my heart. Way back when we first rolled these guys up in AD&D, before the Quest for the Three Keys, before the other adventures that spanned years of my life with Ghul D'Kat and Carmon Diablo (my real life friends Jim and Tom), my character was actually an armorer. So going full circle to actually design my own armor in true Strom Coldsteel fashion is pretty amazing and cool. I will definitely post pics and design notes as I move along. I really think attaching the armor plates directly to the suspenders will be cool.

My suit will probably wind up being cloth, sack cloth, leather forms layered with the fiberglass resin for plates to connect the suspenders. One of my friends at Makerspace has found a resin product that flexes relatively well without breaking when working with bamboo for bikes. So I need to see if I can make plates and gauntlets out of that instead of the typical fiberglass resin sold at your standard hardware chain stores. I need to catch up with Wes and figure out exactly what this product is. I think it is something used in the marine industry. Which once again makes sense for me since I grew up at a marina on the Intracoastal Waterway in Coinjock. Always been around boats, water, etc.

I have so many more projects in store. Gaming stuff, roleplaying, and now making my own stuff. Pretty awesome boys and girls. Stay tuned.

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