Monday, October 24, 2016

Coldsteel Armor

So I am pretty excited my parts have started coming in for the ZNA Productions armor build (spaulders). Here are what the shoulders look like that we are starting with.

I am not sure whether I should push them up high. To cover my biceps:

Or down low to cover the backs of my elbows:

Either way they make me feel like a complete and total superhero when I am wearing them.

My original concept for the build was just use plates to connect the straps from the suspenders I am planning on using. But what I realized after putting it on and taking it off a hundred times if I use an hard material to connect the front straps it may me harder to get in and out of if I want it to taper. I am thinking now of just designing a tabard for a chest piece. I can still use rigid banded leather strips over a cloth tabard, but it would be a lot easier to slip on over the shoulder harness. Since the original art doesn't even use an armored chest it isn't even necessary.

I still think it is an interesting costume.

But I really do want to see how I can fashion this armor design.

Because I am not that far off after I build the shoulders. In my build it probably won't wrap around the entire torso, but be curved/form fitted attached to a cloth form to hold everything together.

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